The Crooked Rugs


The Crooked Rugs

Genre: Psych-Rock

Sub-Genre: Western-Rock, Garage-Rock

Origin: Fort Collins, CO

Years: July 2019 – Present



NPR Live Session – The Colorado Sound Presents: The Crooked Rugs (Video)

“The Crooked Rugs are a five-piece rock band from Fort Collins, and they recently performed at the FoCoMA Peer Awards at Washington’s. FoCoMA is the Fort Collins Musicians Association, which actively champions and supports artists and musicians in Northern Colorado.”

303 Magazine

“In Northern Colorado, there has been an influential music scene not so quietly brewing. From pockets of this blooming musical hub, we have seen the rise of many notable acts who have spread their influence south to Denver like ZEMBU, The Yawpers, and Slow Caves. Now, it is time for the psych-rock part of this scene to take center stage. Their offering comes in the way of a quintet that has produced one of the most solid and impressive albums of the genre that has graced the front range. The name of this act is The Crooked Rugs, and they are not a group to soon forget.” 

Bandwagon Album Review THAT!

The Crooked Rugs’ new LP, THAT! is what you’ve been searching for on that AM dial all of these years – something that manages to sound otherworldly and familiar at the same time. In their follow-up to January’s IT!, the band draws from every era of psychedelic rock, further refining their sound.”

Bandwagon Album Review: IT!

“On their debut LP IT!, the Colorado quintet takes the compulsory ingredients of modern rock band instrumentation and creates something wonderfully foreign. Echoes of psych, prog, and garage rock resound, but each song is clearly the result of diligent experimentation.”

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