est. 2019

mysterious noise from fort collins colorado

Psych-rock band, The Crooked Rugs, formed in Fort Collins, Colorado. Consisting of Jayce Haley, Nolan Brumbach, Jay LeCavalier, and brothers, Rex and Finn Stowers, the band solidified in 2019 after years of university bands came to an end.

After cutting their teeth in the Fort Collins music scene, the band took the music into their own hands and released their first self-recorded EP, Eyes/Takes a Minute in July 2020. The following year the band released an additional two self-recorded full-length albums in 2021, IT! (January 2021) and THAT! (September 2021).

IT! demonstrates what The Crooked Rugs can do in a more freeform package with a wide array of expertly crafted songs that evoke a plethora of psych-rock influences. THAT! comes across as the opposite, as it displays how the band can harness a singular sonic idea and ride with it.

The Rugs started the next year by releasing a spaghetti-western titled Tales of the Great Western Sky (April 2022). A concept album that blended psych moments with classic western rock riffs

Starting 2023 with a bang, The Rugs will release their fourth full length record: METROPOLIS. Through its over 40 minute runtime, this album explores elements of psychedelia and prog-rock, while touching on the balance of darkness and light.